Castles and Abbeys Collection: New Tiles

After we introduced the Castles and Abbeys collection last week, two more new tiles for this collection successfully made their way out of the kiln. Look for more coming soon! Learn more about this collection.

Interested in samples or more information? Contact us. The Castles and Abbeys collection tiles will be for sale starting this fall!

All Saints Church Lozenges

These raised low relief tiles match the design of four late Saxon tiles evacuated from the All Saints Church in York, UK. The original red clay tiles were either used as step risers or as flooring in the church, and are the oldest surviving examples of medieval ceramic tiles in northern Europe.

The diamond-shaped lozenges decorating this tile were a popular Christian symbol in the Middle ages, though scholars remain uncertain what the shape was meant to represent.

Our All Saints church Lozenge tiles display the low-raised relief design on 6 inch squares.

Acton Burnell parish Oak Leaves

This attractive line-impressed Oak Leaf motif comes from the 14th century Acton Burnell parish church in Shropshire, UK. In medieval times, oak leaves symbolized many desirable traits, including hospitality, stability, strength, honor, eternity, endurance, and liberty. Oak leaves were also associated with power and victory, making them commonly incorporated into heraldic imagery.

This specific tile design, however, being laid in a church, was likely created to embody the religious symbolism of the Middle Ages–strength, renewal of life, and steadfastness, especially in times of persecution. Oak trees were also sacred to ancient Druids, as their Tree of Life, and may have been incorporated into Christian symbolism as a way of assimilating many Celtic peoples into the church.

Our 6 inch Oak Leaves tiles are line-impressed, like the originals, and can be used on their own or mixed with plain field tiles to add a regal, historic look to your floor.