Updated List Of Brick Tile Styles

There are a number of brick tile styles that are not yet on our website. I would like to introduce you to our assortment of brick tiles! We have three styles that are roughly 4×8″ : Wright’s Ferry Tumbled sides and textured surface Traditional Antique Straight sides and textured surface King Street Straight sides, smoother […]

Julie’s Update – June 30, 2008

At Inglenook Tile Design, we are in the middle of lots of exciting changes and expansion of our products and our equipment! New Product Development This week and last, we are surging ahead with the development of our two new floor tile collections – the Castles and Abbeys Collection and the Old World Collection. Much […]

Manufacturing in the USA

by Julie, Inglenook Tile co-owner Last night, before sleep, I began thinking about all the changes we have weathered with our small, growing company. When we started Inglenook Tile Design about five years ago, our original business plan was to use my experience in design and product development to manufacture our tiles in Asia. I […]