About Us

Inglenook Tile Design is a mother-daughter owned brick tile manufacturer inspired by a love of history, antiques, architecture and the natural beauty of handmade building materials. We began making brick tiles molded from antique bricks when we could not find the appropriate product for the floor of our historic home. From its humble beginnings in our front hall, Inglenook Tile has grown into a small, thriving manufacturing facility. Inglenook Tile is based in the beautiful farmland of Lancaster county, PA. Visit our web site at www.inglenooktile.com

Our Brick Tiles

Today Inglenook Tile offers a number of antique bricks and tile styles, each unique and handcrafted. Each tile is made by hand by rolling clay into unique molds. The tiles are then dried on racks and fired to over 2250 degrees Fahrenheit to create a vitrified, durable product. Tested by the Tile Council of America, the tiles have a rupture strength that exceeds the American national standard for flooring four times over. The tiles have also passed freeze and thaw lab tests without damage. The result? The perfect brick tile that combines durability and strength with unsurpassed aesthetics to transform any space into an historic treasure.


Julie comes to ceramic tiles from the collectibles industry, where she and her husband had a doll company for over 20 years. Acting as the artist for the doll company, Julie also designed freelance for Silvestri, Ashton-Drake Galleries, and the Danbury Mint and appeared on QVC and HSN selling her dolls. Always passionate about antiques and historic homes, the transition into designing and manufacturing tiles has been a natural one for Julie. Outside of Inglenook Tile, Julie enjoys herb gardening, clearing paths in our woods, hearth cooking, making wine, writing, and reading good books snuggled up with her cats.

Emily, Julie’s daughter, comes to Inglenook Tile with a lifetime of experience in her family’s businesses; she started helping with the doll business at age two, unpacking doll wigs from their boxes while her parents worked. Emily graduated from Yale University with a BA in Environmental Engineering and in East Asian Studies and plans to continue working in business as a career path. She currently lives in Seattle and works at Amazon. Although tile making is among her favorite activities, Emily also loves trail running, cooking, brewing beer, and laughing.

Visit our website: www.inglenooktile.com or call 717.806.3900 for more information.

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