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New Blog Features

We recently put up several new interactive features on our blog and are excited to share them with you!

Chat with Us

If you have questions as you browse our blog or visit our website, ask them in the “Chat with Us” box on the right hand side of the blog. I (Emily) will be manning this chat feature during regular work hours and am looking forward to answering your questions or just shooting the breeze :-). This chat feature is private–other blog visitors cannot see what you are typing, so there are no silly questions!



You can now subscribe to our blog by clicking on the one of the links under “Subscribe to our Blog” (on the blog’s right hand side) or on the RSS link directly below this paragraph. This feature allows you to get updates from our blog without needing to check back all the time, similar to a news feed feature from CNN or another news source on your email account homepage. Choose Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google, My AOL, Live Bookmarks or My MSN as the platform for receiving these updates.


Find great links at

I just started gathering bookmarks that you might find useful or just plain interesting on, the social bookmarking website.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it (we hadn’t either until just recently), social bookmarking is a great tool for sharing the websites you like with your friends and family. Simply join at and start adding your favorite websites, articles, blog entries, etc. to share with others. You can find lots of interesting websites that you may have overlooked using search engines by browsing the bookmarks of like-minded people. Fun!

To see our tile and historic building links, visit Emily_at_Inglenook_Tile. These bookmarks are still in progress, so add “Emily_at_Inglenook_Tile” to your network to keep updated on new links. I’m interested in seeing your bookmarks, too!

For those of you who like our blog, add Inglenook Tile to your bookmarks or another social bookmarking site. Several popular options are given at the right hand side of the blog. Linking to us helps other tile or historic home enthusiasts find our blog and website.

Part of another social bookmarking network? Leave me a message in the Chat box and I’ll join that one next.