Our Advantage

At Inglenook Tile Design, reproduction antique brick tiles are our specialty. Here’s why:

Authentic Look
Don’t settle for ‘cookie cutter’ thin brick tiles manufactured by other companies. At Inglenook Tile each of our tiles is hand-made, one tile at a time. We use dozens of molds and add natural color variations to every tile. The result? Each tile is a unique work of art that truly captures the look and feel of real brick! In fact, after installation our distressed hand-formed brick tiles are indistinguishable from antique brick. Visit our photo gallery and see for yourself!

True, Permanent Color
Inglenook tiles are 100% natural terra-cotta colored stoneware ceramic, so the color will never wear off or fade.

Straightforward Application
Inglenook tiles are thin (1/2″) and much lighter than full-sized brick. For brick flooring applications, no costly changes to load-bearing strength or level of the subfloor are required. For walls, no footers are needed to support the weight of brick. Installation is virtually the same as any unsealed terrazzo or stone tile. See our specification guide for more information about installing our tile.

Lightweight and Durable
While Inglenook tiles are lighter and thinner than traditional antique brick, they offer unsurpassed durability. Inglenook tiles have tested at four times the national standard for rupture strength for ceramic flooring. Harder wearing than full-sized antique brick, Inglenook tiles will never crumble, pall or chip.

Visit our website: www.inglenooktile.com or call 717.442.0514 for more information.

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